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(late) Ode to my family

last night my mom send me message and i rang her back;
her voice:
"nak, why don't you ring us often like you used to. Your father will have his retirement is next 3 years perhaps and now he miss you much"

Me,are much alike my father. and the most similar thing we had is: we are expressionless when we declare our love each other, either in words or acts. Although we have bunch of love.
Now,when i stare at my baby, she smile like she know that i have anxiousness that i will have same feeling with what my father felt now. "Nice smile nak, you got me :) "


later on the same night,before my lovely wife fall asleep,she whispered: "kanda, we miss u much". Then it became a long night to figure out and realize that currently, accidentally i turn into something i don't want to. A robotic-patternize urban worker. hmmhhh....
So, it is that much my caring-family i neglected. I unrealized that something has change my intention of work.
Time to reborn! i do love yo…